Tuesdays With Stoosh 01.31.2012

Thirty-three games left starting tonight. Some thoughts on things to look for in the second half of the season, dudes…   It's been a week since the Pens last played, so just to refresh your memory, here's a recap of the last game prior to the All Star break… A Blues-Pens Stanley Cup Final would […]

Tuesdays with Stoosh 01.17.2012

In which that really may be a light at the end of this ridiculous, injury-ridden tunnel…   *Opens door slowly.* *Peers around door slowly.*   All clear? Are we sure? You know the scene at the end of "Twister", after the last storm moved through, the storm clouds dissipate in about 0.5 seconds and you […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh 01.10.2012

In which the people throwing themselves from the Penguins bandwagon are probably out 8 weeks with lower body injuries… By now you all know the deal. Jordan Staal's done for 4-6 weeks with an MCL sprain. James Neal is likely out at least that long and maybe more after breaking his foot blocking a shot […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh 12.27.2011

Christmas hangover city. Some holiday leftovers, dudes… 3.17 goals per game for the Pens. That's sixth-best in the league heading into Monday's games. That's with Crosby missing three-fourths of the season and Letang missing a third of the season. Pretty solid. James Neal. Twenty goals. Pens are also 9th in the league in goals allowed […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh 12.20.2011

In which Santa Stoosh squeezes his fat ass down that chimney and finds the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse… Or we just check some Christmas wish lists, Pittsburgh Penguins-style.   Sidney Crosby Doc Brown's DeLorean and enough plutonium to get him back to the morning of January 1, 2011.   Evgeni […]

Tuesdays with Stoosh 12.13.2011

In which the little lights, they're not twinkling…   Three short weeks ago, we were all celebrating this…   We had eight games of Crosby. Two goals. Ten assists. Twelve points. Plus-seven. Damn. We all joked that Pat Lafontaine was going to start giving advice to Phil Kessel about holding off Penguins captains in […]

Wednesdays With Stoosh 11.30.2011

  Mailing it in with some thoughts, dudes…   Tonight’s two assists make it eleven points in five games back for Crosby. I wonder if Sid would admit this may be better than what even he expected. Off the record, of course. Loved Neal’s reaction during the celebration after he scored his goal against the […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh 11.22.2011

In which we've never been so happy to be lost for words.   I’m not even sure what to write after that game. As sports go, this is an age where hyperbole is passed out like Orpik hands out hits and candy, and it’s still tough to put into words just how good the Pens […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh – 11.15.2011

  In which we talk Stars, Neal, Letang, powerplays both on ice and off, and John Matrix scouts a prospect.   I made my first trip to Consol for an actual game this past Friday night to see the Pens and Stars. It marked the first time I’ve seen this team play live since training […]

Wednesdays With Stoosh 11.2.2011

  Hey, look at that, the Pens are 8-3-2, but… Rewind back to the middle of September. We're sitting in the seats at Consol on that first day of training camp. I say to you that at the end of October, the Pens: would have taken 18 of a possible 26 points, would have James […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh 10.25.2011

  In which we find out whether the visitors' locker room at the CEC is large enough for Trevor's cage…   Back when the Pens released their 2011-12 schedule, chances are some of the first games you may have looked for – after the Flyers games, of course – were the first couple of games […]

Wednesdays With Stoosh 10.19.2011

  In which I come to the harsh realization from last week's post that the Hockey Gods don't read my posts…   Let’s recap, shall we? Sidney Crosby, Brooks Orpik and Dustin Jeffrey started the season on the shelf. Great, grand and wonderful. That was at least expected. Two games into the season, Evgeni Malkin […]