Tuesdays With Stoosh – 2.26.2013

Soon. #CorvoFace That…that’s Mark Eaton’s music! OK, yes, we know…the return of Mark Eaton to Pittsburgh is little more than a depth signing. At 35 years of age, Eaton is certainly no longer the top-four caliber defenseman who rode shotgun when Shero moved from Nashville to Pittsburgh to take over the Pens in 2006 (h/t […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh – 2.12.2013

One of the NHL's words-du-jour this year has been "truncated", as in "truncated season". As in, it was just three and a half weeks ago that the Pens opened the season in Philly, and tomorrow they'll be playing their fourteenth game of the year. We're at the quarter-pole of the season. So how are things? […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh – 1.22.2013

Thoughts on a weekend that really couldn't have gone much better for Penguins fans… Mailing it in this week like Tangradi's last shift (I kiiiiiid, I kiiiiiiid)… – Evgeni Malkin. Brilliant. Just brilliant. All over the ice and making plays in all three zones. And he hasn't scored a goal yet, which probably makes the […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh 1.15.2013

A conundrum, if you will…     If the Penguins have one major question mark heading into this season, it’s what the team brings back on the blueline. Kris Letang, Paul Martin and Brooks Oprik were 1-2-3 in terms of minutes per game among Pens defensemen last year and they all return. The trade of […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh – 1.8.2013

Welcome back. And brace yourselves. VOMIT Is the blood boiling yet? The Penguins haven't played since April 22, 2012. If the reports hold true as of this evening and the regular season begins on January 19, 2013, that means just about nine months will have passed between Penguins games. Sure, we had the rest of […]

2012 PLAYOFFS: Playoffs With Stoosh

Back to zero. Regular season records no longer matter. Scoring titles no longer matter. Division finishes no longer matter. What matters is after the jump…   All you’re guaranteed at this point are four more games on the schedule. That’s it. Anything more is a gift, a reward for your team for getting to their […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh 04.03.2012

Some gutless thoughts on Mike Milbury as the regular season draws to a close this week, dudes… The madman gazes out over his nation, a people unknowing of the havoc he is about to wreck. Herrrrrrrp…Chara, Muckalt and the rights to Spezza, you say? For Yashin. Why sure…derrppppppp   At this point, most of you […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh 03.20.2012

After tonight, T-minus ten,…   It's a little strange to look at the schedule and see just ten games remaining after tonight's tilt with Winnipeg. Another season that's absolutely flown by, it feels like just yesterday we were sitting in the stands at those opening camp practices, giving Crosby a standing ovation upon his return […]

Wednesdays With Stoosh 03.07.2012

In which we force opposing fans into the harsh realization that it's time to come up with something better.   Staff did a great job recapping this earlier in the week, but there’s one loose end we’d like to tie up here in the wake of that  series of blog posts from Denver Post columnist […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh 02.28.2012

In which Ray Shero channels his inner Norman Dale…   This is your team.   It was pretty easy to make the case that the Pens COULD have made a deal or two prior to Monday's trade deadline. Shero has made it a point each year since he took over to make at least one […]

Tuesdays With Stoosh 02.21.2012

Ahhhhh, yes. Trade Deadline time. Let's fire up this crazy thing. But first, some thoughts on the newest piece of The Core… Wait, what?   Six years, $30 million total. A cap hit of $5 million per year. Money-wise, Neal's contract pretty much puts him in the same financial ballpark as Bobby Ryan of the […]

This Friday With Stoosh 02.11.2012

Almost sixteen days until the trade deadline, so you better enjoy these last 16 days of Paul Martin's Penguins career HAW HAW HAW OK, not really…but there's more after the jump.   THE PAUL MARTIN CONUNDRUM Paul Martin's 79 blocked shots lead the Pens and place him just out of the top 60 among NHL […]