Portrait Commissions

  Losing my "real job" almost 3 years ago turned out to be a good thing. Rather than pushing pixels  for the man all day, i've been lucky enough to pay the rent by selling stuff like these portraits.  Each portrait (based on the sketches from a few posts down) are done with Sharpie & metallic gold paint […]



  This was sent to Staff's Gmail account December 27, 2007:


Brush Pen Sketches

Was playing around with brush pens a couple weeks ago. The results were a surprise considering i’ve never had much luck using brush pens in the past.


Bing, Buries It & Lord Stanley

    Here's a commission piece from earlier this year – final image was 8.5"x11" micron ink on cardstock. This one came out fairly quickly at just over an hour.


What’s All This Business?

    Turns out drawing pictures of cartoon penguins pooping on corporate logos can still get you somewhere in the world.         With the move to the new site, there was room to set up a gallery. I'll be updating this spot with player illustrations, Storeblog updates, commissioned work and more. Basically, […]

Le Magnifique

This piece was made for The Mario Lemieux Foundation to go in the Bid for 66 Auctions that were held last November. See how this went from sketch to what's above after the jump.     (note – most of these images will appear larger if opened in a new window) This was the first […]