Dream Job

First off, apologies for not updating the sketchbook more. The past 6 weeks have been busy with a lot of work that wasn't really post worthy. There was also an issue with my computer that required a logic board replacement. Anyways… So, A couple weeks ago, this pops up in my Twitter feed: If you've […]


Staal Illustration

  This one took about a week to develop… if you're interested in buying an original illustration or print, email your request here.


Poop: Malkin Suffers ACL/MCL Injury HCDB announced today that Malkin blew out his ACL and MCL when Tyler Myers fell into his knee during the Buffalo game. No word yet as to how long he'll be out but an injury like this pretty much closes the door on Geno's season. Balls.


Saucyface Sign

Here's a little something for those headed to the Winter Classic. .


Pensblog Calendar: 01/2011

  The bad news is we couldn't find a vendor to make the calendar for a reasonable price. The good news is we're just going to post jpegs for you to to print yourself. Here's January… clicking the image will open a bigger copy in a new window.  


Sweatshop City

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's placed an order from the print store. All orders prior to December 20th 2010 1PM have been shipped and should arrive before Friday. It's looking like Tuesday 5PM is the cutoff for orders to arrive by Christmas Day.  I know the store setup is less than desirable… we're […]


Charlie Mask

I wanted to take a sign or something to Columbus this weekend… here's what I came up with.   Here's a jpeg of the Charlie cut-out in case you want to make your own. I printed them on a thick card stock and taped a Lowe's paint stir to the back. If you only have regular […]


Recently Completed

  Just finished these up : If you were wondering how multiple portraits look on the wall… BOOSH! EDIT: This message came into gmail with no contact info (it originated from the mobile app)   Date: December 2, 2010 8:52:19 PM EST Message: Great pictures of Sid, MAF and Letang!  How did you do this?  Where […]


New MLF Shirts Available

The Mario Lemieux Foundation has updated their online store with some new merch. Once again, they were awesome enough to use one of the designs we submitted:   Click here to head over to the MLF shop for more info.


Wanted: Tattoo Artist

The person who commissioned this piece is looking for a sick tattoo artist to make it a reality. If you or someone you know have the chops to tackle this, leave a comment below or shoot me an email. Thanks! — outside — — inside —  



    Here's a custom request that was recently finished up: (click here to embiggen)     _____________________   Just a heads up – there is a new Pensblog Calendar on the way as well as a revamped Storeblog. We're also hoping to open up an online art shop for the holidays. In the meantime, […]

ScareHouse Stuff

    You may have seen the ads for ScareHouse featuring Dicky up top and in the sidebar recently:   The guys at ScareHouse got in touch with us over the summer to talk about some cross promotional stuff. One thing they mentioned was taking one of their characters and making them Pens-centric.   So […]


Sometimes I surprise myself.

This is definitely the sickest thing i've ever done. Final image size with frames and spacing is 42" x 35"…  I could make smaller versions but it's just not as impressive. The shine of the gold leaf and the touch of grey for shadows really makes the image pop   I'm definitely going to miss […]


Inks are done, man.

  I've been super busy with the portraits lately(Thanks!). Custom requests have started to come in so I wanted to share a couple of the new things that i'll be working this weekend.       Final versions should be posted in a few days.


Series 2 Illustrations

Finally had a chance to work on some new stuff recently. Series 2 focuses on a few legends… same format as the the previous portraits:   BURIES IT   COFFEY   ARTIE   JAGR   Alternate Jagr      


How It’s Made : Sharpie Portraits

    Here's a rundown of the steps involved in creating the large portraits.       I. Framework Using various rulers, templates, french curves and some ballsy freehand work, the basic frame(based on smaller sketches) is done with a fresh sharpie:     Here's a closeup of the framework:       II. Edging […]