RECAP: Mission Accomplished. PENS WIN

It all came full circle Friday night. The scene of the worst loss of the season, became the scene of the most gratifying. With the shootout win the Penguins clinch home ice in the first round of the playoffs, and are still very much in the race for a division title.   Islander fans are […]

A Season Worth of April Fools Jokes

This morning we thought about putting up some kind of joke post for April Fools.  It didn't take long for us to realize that wasn't necessary.  This whole season has been an April fools joke.   On October 1st, if someone would have uttered any of the following statements it would have been hard to […]


      As frustrating as this game was, it's not as bad as everyone might make it out to be.   A.) You aren't going to keep winning road games in the NHL. Too hard. Pens got off to the third-best start on the road in franchise history.   B.) The high of almost […]

RECAP: Been A Long Time. PENS WIN

  The best game that the Pens have played so far this year?  Maybe. One of the most entertaining games that we'll see this season?  Definitely.   Nothing better than an OT win on the road, no matter what the record, month, etc. Conceding a point to a Western Conference team means nothing. Puts a […]