TWEETCAP: Claude Giroux Has Sneaky Hands

Claude Giroux was arrested for redefining “copping a feel” and it was instant internet gold: ‘Giroux know what to do with that big cop butt…..’ – Jason Derulo — Mikey (@fsmikey)


TWEETCAP: Who is this guy?

Jim Rutherford finally has his man.  Sure those rejected offers from last week technically make this his third man, well, I sure am hoping he was at least the third best option.  Actually if he wasn’t, I’m positive Rutherford would have said it.  Nonetheless, Mike Johnston is by all accounts an actual man, and a […]


TWEETCAP: Everything is happening

After three weeks of basically nothing but Pierre McGuire talk and groundless speculation, the Penguins finally made their decision on a GM, and then in almost the same breath fired their coach.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 8.57.44 PM

TWEETCAP: Ray Shero Firing

This was weird.  So weird that we couldn’t resist posting social media’s reaction to the news that Ray Shero would be fired from his role as General Manager while Dan Bylsma remains head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins…for now.  In a word, the reaction was: Confused.

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TWEETCAP: End of an Era

Imagine for a second being one of those people who only watch NASCAR for the crashes, waiting patiently for that moment when all hell breaks loose. You know it’s coming, you just don’t know when or how.


Sports are a funny thing.  When the stakes are high competition can bring out the best/worst of people, depending of course upon how the grass is growing on your side of the fence.  Last night, Twitter was a dumpster fire inside of a volcano that seemingly sprouted in the backyard of every Penguins fan.  


PODCAST: Miller vs. Marshall

This week Joe Depto of The Hockey Guys joined Rich and Jesse to discuss Pens-Rangers and their love affair with Paul Martin.  There were no murder trial references, unfortunately.


TWEETCAP: One Minute Left in the Rangers Season, Maybe

Usually it takes at least a Letang turnover, but Pens fans were pissed from the jump in this one.  Brooks Orpik was inserted back into the lineup in favor of Bobby Bortuzzo, much to the chagrin of anyone who has seen Rob Scuderi take a shift this postseason.  

GAME 2 TWEETCAP: Goalies Were Good, Crosby is Ok, Rangers = PP Sucks

It may have been the Pens best effort of the season.  This effort seemed to inspire Pens fans on Twitter, propelling them to perhaps their best effort of the season as well.  We’re sure there was at least one idiot who said Fleury wasn’t that sharp, or New York took it easy on him, that […]