TWEETCAP: Islanders take Round 1

When you look back on this game as a whole, it actually was one of the more entertaining games of the season.  Early goal aside, the Pens looked like dog shit in the first period, but then pulled it together the rest of the way and eventually were able to earn a point out of […]


RECAP: Game 10. Taking care of business.

After beating the defending Stanley Cup Champions two days ago, the Pens returned to the ice Saturday night to face a team that could maybe win the championship in your local adult league.  Maybe.


Snapshot: Pens just had to show up

Oh boy, the Sabres sure are bad.  The Pens got up early and didn’t let up, embarrassing the Sabres 5-0.  This was a game to pad the stats, and the Pens promptly followed through.  But seriously, the Sabres could be the worst team ever. Sabres are barely scoring a goal per game. By comparison, the ’03-04 Pens […]