Game 9 Recap: Marc-Andre Too Good. Pens win 3-1.

A tradition like no other:


Call it a comeback. Because the Pens haven’t had a third-period comeback since 1965.

It also is officially time to pump the brakes on the Fire Mike Johnston train. The Pens have two back-to-back wins against playoff teams in playoff-like games. Like it or not, while the Penguins’ system may be hampering the Penguins offense, it is also stopping their opponents.

Look at Nashville and Washington this season:

Goals per game

*Pens vs. Preds game is included, but fuck you; you get the point.

Two really good scoring teams suddenly looked ordinary.


And so it goes. We can turn our opinions on a dime toward the negative spectrum, so we are entitled to turn them in the positive direction. Plus, watching the Capitals lose is never not funny.


PITTSBURGH, PA - OCTOBER 17: Daniel Sprong #41 of the Pittsburgh Penguins skates with the puck against the Toronto Mapleleafs during the game at Consol Energy Center on October 17, 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Matt Kincaid/Getty Images)

Has Daniel Sprong done enough to not go back to Juniors?

Is Daniel Sprong is here to stay. From Jim Rutherford via Jason Mackey: “It looks that way,” Rutherford said Tuesday. “If you’re asking me today, it looks that way.” Sprong likely will have played in eight games after Thursday. One more and the Penguins must make a decision on whether to play him in a […]


Game 8 Recap: Penguins pull one out in Nashville. Win 2-1 in OT

This was a strange a game. The Penguins played a good two road periods. Then they got their doors blown off in a crazy third period that saw them get outshot 17-5. But thanks to Marc-Andre Fleury, the Penguins got to OT, and used their star power to cash in. Phil Kessel went through the […]

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 10.42.39 PM

Phil Kessel just smoked the Predators in OT 3-on-3

It was the Penguins first 3-on-3 OT game ever. And Phil Kessel made it a memorable one. About a minute into OT Kessel took a puck from his own blue line, flew past two Predators players, and sent the Penguins on to Washington with a win.


Game 7 Recap: Pens destroyed by Stars 4-1.

This game was a big early season test. After their slow start the Penguins got three wins, and everything seemed to be getting better. Oops, and back to the drawing board. We said it in our previous three caps, wins are great, but the Penguins just don’t look right. Tonight was confirmation. The Stars are […]


Game 6 Recap: Malkin nets OT winner after crazy third period

The best news coming out of this game is that Malkin, Crosby, and Kessel all scored. The worst news is that they are probably going to have to do that very, very often while the rest of the team gets their shit together and that Lamar Odom is still alive. The Pens are now riding a 3-game […]


VIDEO: Crosby looking “morose” on bench

We’ve always enjoyed reading and hearing what Elliotte Friedman has to say. His is a unique voice in hockey journalism, and it’s a good time. The one thing we’ve always hated, though, is national journalists and broadcasters taking a quick glimpse at the Penguins and seemingly knowing everything that’s wrong with the team. They write […]


Waits of up to 30 minutes to get into Consol Energy Center this season

If you are planning on going to Penguins games this season make sure you leave yourself plently of time. In the first three home games this season we’ve observed lines of up to 30 minutes to just get into the door. The problem? Metal Detectors have been installed: The Penguins issued a release stating, “The […]


Game 5 Recap. Concern is one of the three rivers. Pens win 2-1.

There will be some advanced-stats junkie selling you some things after this game. Don’t buy it. After the first period, this game turned into an almost unwatchable affair. We’re starting to think all the change of personnel for the Penguins might be to blame for this. Until we get to the 10- or 15-game mark, this […]

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 9.47.57 PM

I got you bro. The slow-motion high five you can’t turn away from

Well, hey. At least these bros are cheering. We guess. There is so much going on. No one really talks about what this video should really be focused on: Chris Kunitz actually throwing a body check. Underrated thing in the video is the little girl’s face behind the guys in the front row. Complete […]


Game 4 Recap: Raise the Jolly Jobber. Pens win.

Mike Johnston’s job was saved tonight; we don’t care what anyone says. He made one major move, and that was shutting down Rob Scuderi in favor of Adam Clendening. Clendening didn’t light the world on fire, but he didn’t suck either, and that was perfect. Pens pitched a shutout against a sneaky-good Ottawa team. Major […]


Beau Bennett is injured

Coach Johnston: "Beau Bennett is injured. He'll be out for tonight's game. We will start to get some news on how long that injury will be." — Pittsburgh Penguins (@penguins) October 15, 2015


GAME 3 RECAP: Trouble in the big city. Pens 0-3 for first time since 2005.

  Like that time you went down on that girl who looked like a ’90s Courteney Cox, but it turned out she didn’t taste like the cotton candy you thought it’d be, the Penguins have left a really bad taste in everyone’s mouth to start the season. Here’s the thing, too. The Penguins can spin […]

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What in the hell are the Penguins doing for their Home Opener

What the hell happened to this organization?  Via Kiss FM, here are the Penguins’ plans for tomorrow’s home opener.   We don’t know about you, but before this post we thought the “X Ambassadors” were a bunch of dudes that hang out at a local VFW. It’s a shame that the Penguins aren’t giving out LED […]


Thomas Greiss: CONSOL is “pretty dead”

Yeah, this always happens. An athlete starting out with a new team shows love for his new fanbase by saying they are the best in all of sports. But it’s another thing when an athlete throws a former fanbase some shade. Wow. He isn’t wrong, either.


GAME 2 RECAP: No fun in the desert

Over the last two years, the Penguins have destroyed the Western Conference in the regular season. So far this year they are 0-2 and haven’t exactly set the world on fire. The excuse factory will say they’ve run into two hot goalies, but how hot can two goalies be two games into a season? Mike Smith […]


RECAP. Game 1. Pens Lose 3-0.

Hey, welcome back, everyone! The Pens and their offense hype machine pulled into Dallas with high expectations. And then they got shut out. Antti Niemi played well, but the Penguins played and looked like a team with seven new players in their lineup, and then Beau Bennett. Everything is probably going to be okay.

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Season Preview: Phil Kessel – Castaway

Phil Kessel as a Tom Hanks movie “Castaway.” No better movie sums up Phil Kessel. He was cast away in the hell of an island that is Toronto and had to talk to Dion Phaneuf, who has the IQ of a volleyball. Last Season Recap So much has already been made of Kessel’s final year in Toronto. He […]


Season Preview: Sidney Crosby – Captain Phillips

Sidney Crosby as a Tom Hanks movie Obviously. Last Season Recap A pedestrian 84 points in 77 games. Still, though: 84 points in 77 games. He’s a pretty decent hockey player. What else is there to say, really? What to look forward to this season Kessel Kessel Kessel. Crosby and Kessel’s left winger could be Jung-Ho […]