Bunch of questions: – Are the Penguins just really good in the regular season? – Could a monkey coach the Penguins to success in the regular season? – Are these wins different from what we saw last year? We really have no idea what the answers are. The Kings are banged up and, for some reason, […]


SNAPSHOT: Pens handle the Kings

A couple of positive trends for the Pens in the wake of this convincing 3-0 win. They aren’t giving up many quality scoring chances, the penalty kill has killed 20-plus penalties in a row, and MAF now has two shutouts over the past three games. Everything is flush right now, and it’s fun to watch.


RECAP: Game 8. The powerplay rolls.

Just because it is interesting. This was the Penguins’ record under Dan Bylsma against the Devils: Record: 10-15-1 Goals for: 51 Goals against: 64 Not sure what it means that in Mike Johnston’s first game against the Devils, the Penguins scored 8 goals and won by 5 – something that hasn’t happened in the past five […]

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Pittsburgh Penguins

SNAPSHOT: Pens destroy Devils 8-3

Things got off to a really bad start. But it was only up from there. Down 3-1 in the second period, the Penguins used their ridicious powerplay to climb back in the game,and the Devils were left stunned.

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Carolina Hurricanes

Three Things to watch for: Double J forever

  “When the GM tells you we have to sign [Tyler] Kennedy first and Kennedy is playing the third or fourth line … Just go and look for [the] GM a month before I was a free agent, and it’s going to tell you a lot. It’ll tell you if they wanted me or not.” […]


RECAP: Game 6. We’ve got some bad news for you

At work today, there is going to be some fringe hockey fan you know whom you can’t avoid. And he or she is going to ask the question you know is coming, and in your mind it will sound like, “So, what’s wrong with the Penguins, big shot?” And this will be your face Really, […]


SNAPSHOT: That just happened. Pens implode late, lose at the Joe.

We are gonna stick to our mantra of exercising patience with Mike Johnston and the new regime. At least until MJ lights himself on fire in the middle of Center Ave like one of those monks. Pens were seemingly in control until they weren’t. Zetterberg and Datsyuk willed the Wings to victory, while Crosby could’ve […]


RECAP: Game 5. Johnston loses his first chess match.

Coming into the game people may have been thinking they would see a brawl-filled game with tempers flaring and people getting hit by chairs. Instead, they got a chess match between two smart coaches. And Craig Berube went all checkmate in Mike Johnston’s perfect hair. Berube had the Flyers trap the shit out of the Penguins […]