Advertising may be coming to NHL jerseys in 2016-2017

Adidas has been awarded the rights to be the manufacturer of NHL uniforms starting in 2016-2017. The NHL estimates teams can make $4 million each per season if advertising can be placed on the jerseys. If they’re gonna introduce the long-rumored jersey advertising, it would make sense to do it when the branding switches from Reebok […]

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Penguins dip into the analytics pool

The Penguins hired War-on-Ice mastermind Sam Ventura today. In vintage Penguins fashion – an article praising Ventura appeared about two weeks ago in the trib. Jason Karmanos – who someone once described to us as a ” total dipshit when talking about analytics “- had this to say: “To have someone who grew up here […]


NHL draft weekend leaves the Penguins with more questions than answers

Told you this was going to happen. Grandpa Jim Rutherford didn’t bring the putter out during the NHL draft weekend. Some think that it isn’t a bad thing – and it is true – it is better to not force something. However, the Penguins did try. And they tried hard: First – that is an awful […]


2015 NHL Draft Live Blog

Pens in on Kessel? Sharp? Will Jim Rutherford stay awake? Welcome to the 2015 Draft liveblog -which probably won’t be that long.


Draft day rumor round up: Sharp, Kessel, St.Louis?

It is that special time again. The night we hear a bunch of rumors – then we are let down as nothing happens. But is there hope? Maybe someone will spot Jim Rutherford roaming Ft. Lauderdale streets with a putter headed towards PF changs – because you know he loves that. But really – we […]

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” Trade Evgeni Malkin for David Backes and T.J. Oshie.” T.J Oshie: David Backes:     Malkin:  

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Flyer fans were so goddamn pathetic when Kimmo Timonen won the Cup

You almost have to give it to Flyer fans. They went down to the very end thinking Kimmo Timonen was good.  Instead – here in reality – most people know Timonen probably should have retired. Remember that one playoff series where people pretended Timonen was the most important defensman on earth? For some reason Timonen […]


Breakdown: The Jim Rutherford puff piece that can only leave you shaking your head

Disclaimer: Because you can’t say anything bad about the Penguins anymore without thousands of irrational Penguin fans and journalists accusing you of “hating” the Penguins… 1. Yes, in a rare attempt to beat people to a story, we said we heard that Jim Rutherford would be fired after this past season. Of course that didn’t […]

ANAHEIM, CA - MAY 25:  Cam Fowler #4 of the Anaheim Ducks celebrates his first period goal against the Chicago Blackhawks with teammates Sami Vatanen #45 and Simon Despres #24 in Game Five of the Western Conference Finals during the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at Honda Center on May 25, 2015 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Jim Rutherford is so annoying

Via the [ PG ] Jim Rutherford wants a first round pick. “I’ll certainly pursue it,” general manager Jim Rutherford said, But wait, Jim Rutherford, how will you do that? “I don’t know if we’ll be able to pick up one or not.” Great stuff, Jim. But wait, there is more. From another piece this […]

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Season Recap Part 2: Reviewing the first year of Jim Rutherford

Jim Rutherford was hired on June 6, 2014. The move was brought with optimism. Ray Shero, it felt like, had over stayed his welcome. Everyone felt like a change was needed. This is what we said: The Rutherford hire isn’t the worst thing to ever happen to the Penguins franchise. The trust the fanbase has […]

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Season Recap Part 1: Revisiting the first year of the David Morehouse Era

This post orginally ran on May 19th, 2014. It was an outline of the beginning of the David Morehouse era here in Pittsburgh. Morehouse’s profile says the following:   Morehouse oversaw the following in his first year as President of the Penguins world: -He hired new GM, Jim Rutherford on June 6, 2014. A quote […]


RECAP: Game 5. This is where the world ends. Pens bow out in five.

You can lose one goal games. Or you can lose by 100. IT DOES NOT MATTER. All that matters is the Penguins are done for the season. They are losers. If you think it was some accomplishment that they only lost by one goal in all their losses, you probably think you should get a trophy […]

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REAL: Local nanny charged with stealing stuff from Chris Kunitz’s house

WPXI broke this story on Thursday afternoon. We saw that Chris Kunitz’s babysitter was being charged with robbery and just couldn’t believe Sidney Crosby would do such a thing. But it turns out it’s Kunitz’s nanny stealing some earrings. We won’t have any more on this story as it develops.  


Sources: Jim Rutherford will be removed as GM this offseason 

Now, we don’t get spoon-fed our info like others in town: But we’ve confirmed that Jim Rutherford is out as GM the minute the season ends, unless the season somehow ends in a Cup run. According to at least two people with knowledge of the situation, Rutherford will be asked to resign to avoid public […]


RECAP: Game 3. #HardParty. Pens lose, down 2-1 in the series.

Before the game, the #partyhard hashtag was making the rounds on social media because people wanted Andrew W.K ‘s “Party Hard” to become the Penguins’ new goal song. To illustrate how that doesn’t matter, the Penguins didn’t even get a shot on goal until 15 minutes into the game. Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers’ D had their own party […]


RECAP: Game 2. Reactions from the weekend as Pens tie series.

We honestly didn’t think the Pens had it in them to at least get the split in MSG to start the series, but they’ve done it. And they’ve done it by playing two games that both go into the “one of their better games of the season” category. The big news is that the power play has […]