Game 22 Recap: Ohio sucks. Pens lose in OT.

  What a game. This was that really good shit that reminds you why you got addicted in the first place. NHL games night in and night out get really stale without the kind of playoff fire that this game had. What made it a playoff-like atmosphere? Blue Jackets fans obviously can’t be happy when […]

PITTSBURGH, PA - APRIL 08:  Penguins alumni Bryan Trottier waves to the crowd during the pre game ceremony to celebrate the final regular season game at Mellon Arena on April 8, 2010 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The Penguins defeated the Islanders 7-3.  (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Must-read of the week (and year): Bryan Trottier’s letter to his younger self

The Players Tribune has had some of the best pieces of the year. But Bryan Trottier’s letter to his younger self might top them all. Especially if you grew up a Penguin fan. Trottier’s letter is riddled with incredible Penguin stories. On Badger Bob; Your coach in Pittsburgh will be “Badger” Bob Johnson. Appreciate this […]


Game 19 Recap: The West is the best to beat on. Pens win again.

It’s kind of shitty to say, but who knows if the Penguins are really playing better. It looks like it — they’ve scored eight goals since being shut out last Saturday night — but is it really true? The Avs are now four games under .500. The Wild didn’t have Zach Parise in their lineup. Or maybe […]

Game 18 Recap: Malkin, a man of his word. Pens beat Wild 4-3

Leadership is a big subject everywhere. We’ve always heard about it since we were kids. We hear about it at work. A leader is a lot of things to different people. But in our view a leader is someone that speaks the truth and then delivers on those very truths.

Evgeni Malkin did that tonight. He had a hand in every Penguins goal, scoring two himself and recording the primary assist on the other two by Beau Bennett and David Perron.

Here are the Primetime highlights:

  • The biggest story in this game, other than Evgeni Malkin’s life-changing puck drag, is the Maatta injury and Mike Johnston’s old man jam reaction. The Maatta play was no question dirty, but it was the worst possible sequence.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.31.52 PM

  • A Wild player was going for a change at the same moment Maatta is getting jobbed.
  • The Wild’s backup goalie is anticipating the change and he opens the door. Awful stuff. Still a dirty play. Maatta had to be taken to the hospital on a stretcher.

  • Which reminds us of this clip…

  • Old Man Jam:

2015-11-17 23_42_07

  • David Perron is weird:

  • Adam Clendening with 11 minutes of puck moving. Great stuff. He set up a goal with a beautiful 81-foot pass. Rob Scuderi probably threw up.
  • Party Hard feels stale already. Pens should play HBK’s music after goals.

  • How about we just fix the players we have on the current roster?

Peace. Meesh up next.


Read of the day: Joe Starkey on the Penguins scoring issues

Really good read here. If you’re coaching the Penguins and constantly entangled in low-scoring scrums, you better win a ton of ’em and bring home another Cup. Otherwise, you’ll end up like Kevin Constantine and Michel Therrien — cast aside, rightly or wrongly, for not giving the paying customers a good enough show.

PITTSBURGH, PA - JUNE 25:  (L-R) Pittsburgh Penguins Assistant Coach Rick Tocchet, Head Coach Mike Johnston, and General Manager Jim Rutherford pose for a photo after a press conference on June 25, 2014 at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Joe Sargent/NHLI via Getty Images)

The NHL doesn’t have a goal-scoring problem; the Penguins do

So, here we are. It’s late 2015, and the Penguins are barely watchable at times. Goals are d0wn a bit, and everyone is blaming the NHL. And while there are some concerns league-wide, don’t confuse them with what is going on in Pittsburgh.   What’s the point? An article caught our attention over the weekend. From […]

Game 17 Recap: Let the dumpster fire keep us warm. Devils smoke Penguins 4-0

Trying out video recaps with NFL primetime music. Here is what happened in this one:

  • The Penguins had a players only meeting after the game:

  • It gets worse, Evgeni Malkin with some very concerning quotes after the game. Here is the audio.

  • You have to listen to the audio to understand the tone there. Honestly, it is refreshing to hear that from Malkin. A lot more than you hear from the Captain.
  • This game was as fun as trying to read wikileaks.
  • Other awful things:

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.31.35 PM

  • Patric Hornqvist left with an injury sometime in the second period. Not a good sign if he is out.
  • Ben Lovejoy and the defense were a complete an utter disaster.
  • OVEREACTION: The Penguins powerplay is so bad it is easily a firable offense and complete disgrace from the coaching staff.
  • APOLOGIST REACTION: Third game in four nights
  • REALITY: It is only November.
  • Mood:
  • 2015-11-14 23_00_21
  • Strangest picture:

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.11.16 PM

  • Other notes:



  • The Black Crowes are no longer the biggest disgrace Kate Hudson has seen.





2015-2016 Quintessential Stunned pics

This post will be updated throughout the year. Every game ( well almost) always has a stunned fan no matter what side you’re on Here are the pics so far:


Game 14 recap: Pens run out of juice in Calgary. Lose 5-2.

Kris Letang’s breakdown of the game: Pens lose 5-2. After winning like 50 games in a row, whatever. Meesh will have an in-depth review coming later. Penguins ran out of steam on their road trip. That is the simplest thing to say. Never an easy trip to sweep. The game in three videos 3. Vintage MJ. […]

Recap Game 12: Penguins just keep winning. Beat Canucks 3-2

Yeah, soh the Penguins are really confusing. Every game feels the same, but the end result is that they are putting up points in the standings, so really what the fuck do any of us know.

Here is the game in three stages:

1. Play incredible defense.

2. Score the first goal.

3. Hang the fuck on.

Maybe Mike Johnston is a genius and he has the Penguins playing the game like a script. They are the number-one defensive team in the NHL right now. Or maybe Mike Johnston is the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet. Whatever the case, it doesn’t really matter. These are solid wins. This game was 3-0, and the Canucks looked fucking lost before getting two cheap ones late.



Derrick Pouliot cited for public intoxication in Wilkes-Barre

Throughout his career thus far as a top Pens prospect, it’s always seemed like Pouliot has been missing “it,” whatever “it” is. Time and again, he’s been glossed over as the Pens look for call-ups and make roster decisions. According to this article from Jonathan Bombulie, Pouliot was arrested for public intoxication over the weekend. […]


@Dejan_Kovacevic vs. Reddit is probably the best read of the week

Rule #1 of the Internet: Everyone loves a good fight. And that is exactly what has developed over at the Penguins subreddit. Here is what happened. Dejan Kovacevic, the owner of DK on Pittsburgh Sports, went after Reddit for users copy-and-pasting his paywall-protected articles word for word. He said: Guys, I’m sure you all know better […]

Game 11 Recap: Penguins dismantle horrid Leafs team 4-0

It’s only Halloween but the Penguins dressed up like a winning hockey team again.

In Phil Kessel’s return to Toronto, the Penguins blanked the lifeless Leafs 4-0. As Rich mentioned in his Gameday, the Leafs are an awful organization. The class extends to their fanbase:

When Kris Letang owns you via twitter:

The whole Kessel thing was really a moot point though. He was quiet most of the night, but Leaf fans were even more quiet.


Game 9 Recap: Marc-Andre Too Good. Pens win 3-1.

A tradition like no other:


Call it a comeback. Because the Pens haven’t had a third-period comeback since 1965.

It also is officially time to pump the brakes on the Fire Mike Johnston train. The Pens have two back-to-back wins against playoff teams in playoff-like games. Like it or not, while the Penguins’ system may be hampering the Penguins offense, it is also stopping their opponents.

Look at Nashville and Washington this season:

Goals per game

*Pens vs. Preds game is included, but fuck you; you get the point.

Two really good scoring teams suddenly looked ordinary.


And so it goes. We can turn our opinions on a dime toward the negative spectrum, so we are entitled to turn them in the positive direction. Plus, watching the Capitals lose is never not funny.


PITTSBURGH, PA - OCTOBER 17: Daniel Sprong #41 of the Pittsburgh Penguins skates with the puck against the Toronto Mapleleafs during the game at Consol Energy Center on October 17, 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Matt Kincaid/Getty Images)

Has Daniel Sprong done enough to not go back to Juniors?

Is Daniel Sprong is here to stay. From Jim Rutherford via Jason Mackey: “It looks that way,” Rutherford said Tuesday. “If you’re asking me today, it looks that way.” Sprong likely will have played in eight games after Thursday. One more and the Penguins must make a decision on whether to play him in a […]


Game 8 Recap: Penguins pull one out in Nashville. Win 2-1 in OT

This was a strange a game. The Penguins played a good two road periods. Then they got their doors blown off in a crazy third period that saw them get outshot 17-5. But thanks to Marc-Andre Fleury, the Penguins got to OT, and used their star power to cash in. Phil Kessel went through the […]

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 10.42.39 PM

Phil Kessel just smoked the Predators in OT 3-on-3

It was the Penguins first 3-on-3 OT game ever. And Phil Kessel made it a memorable one. About a minute into OT Kessel took a puck from his own blue line, flew past two Predators players, and sent the Penguins on to Washington with a win.