Pittsburgh Penguins v Columbus Blue Jackets

Jackets/Pens Playoff Preview. Here We Go. Again.

With this being Columbus’ first season playing in the East, the NHL is loving this. A playoff series with the Penguins? Forming a great new rivalry right off the bat? Laugh it up, but Columbus is the closest team to Pittsburgh at only 185 miles away. All this puppy of a rivalry needs is a […]


Breakout players, Rinkotology Updates and New Game Details

We put this together for PDL. Our five players to watch in the playoffs. [ PDL ] Also, we wanted to outline some Rinkotology changes. 1. We simplified the scoring system. It is way easier to track this year. 2. We have also have alternative payment methods, not just paypal. 3. Giving away $3000 in prizes […]


Malkin ball-tapped Crosby during jersey giveaways

This went largely unnoticed on Sunday. While the Penguins were giving away their jerseys, Malkin got Crosby pretty good:   The video was posted on Facebook. Thanks to Mike K. for the spot. Somewhere Boris Valabik smiles.


Four things about Columbus Blue Jacket fans

Columbus is in Ohio, so it is safe to assume Jacket fans are the worst. The Jackets fan base hasn’t really been able to grow because they’ve missed the playoffs so many years. But this could start something. Here is a quick breakdown of the people that follow them.


Columbus: Who To Watch For

Columbus doesn’t have a lot of big names, they’re more of an offense by committee who relies on their special teams and goaltending to win games.  They do however have some guys who are worth taking note of.


Here is what the “Gold-out” will look like.

Via the one and only Stephen S…. We know that the blackout can’t work because it causes issues with goalies, so this is honestly the next best thing. The whiteout just didn’t make sense. Looking forward to this a lot.