Video: Prank call sends nightly sports call into meltdown 

Sports talk shows are the worst. Between the self-serving hosts and the moronic questions there is no reason to really watch. But what does make it fun to watch is when a prank call derails the show completely.

This is what happened on the nightly sports show last night.

Prank caller ,” Rick from Jeanette ” asks Gene Collier why he hates black people. And then we get the rare talk show walkoff, accompanied by a good old hot-mic…


RECAP 73: A Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Christmas. Pens fall in OT.

Take this one with a grain of salt, because having Evgeni Malkin in the lineup completely changes the dynamic of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Still. The Pens have now lost 10 of their last 16 at home. They’re 1-4-1 in their last six games. The problem lately had been slow starts, and it didn’t change here. And despite only […]


Connor Johnson Foundation Memorial Hockey Tournament & Charity

On a non-Penguins note for a second, I wanted to take a personal opportunity to give out information about an important upcoming charity that supports a fantastic cause, gives you the opportunity to win Penguin-related material, and supports local hockey in general. The benefit is April 11, 2015 and the Brady’s Run Ice complex in […]


RECAP: Game 72. The Penguins are a mess. Win 3-1.

The Pens are in trouble. We’re not gonna be rah-rah, the Pens can do anything they set their mind to. With Malkin and Hornqvist out, this is the perfect time for the Pens to see who can step up and make plays. The answer is: NO ONE. How much better would you feel if Max […]

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VIDEO: Bill Guerin agrees that the Penguins whine too much

This interview occurred Thursday afternoon on SportsNet Radio. Some highlights: “Your team whines quite a bit,” MacLean said to Guerin on-air Thursday. “It’s hurt you at times in key situations, and I think it’s hurt you at playoff time.” “It’s definitely an area that we’ve identified as being an issue at times. And you […]


RECAP: Game 70. What the hell just happened? Pens get shut out by the Devils.

Yeah. This isn’t good. Overreactions be damned; you could be the most optimistic Penguins fan in the entire world right now, and there is no way you aren’t concerned. This was an embarassment from start to finish. Yes, the Devils have been playing better lately, but yikes. Rich said it best in the Gameday post when […]