Can the Penguins stayed composed in Game 2?

Justin Boure had a really good piece on Thursday about the Penguins and why keeping their composure is going to be key against the Blue Jackets going forward. [ The Score ] In a series like Pittsburgh/Columbus, the Penguins need to understand: the Blue Jackets don’t truly believe they’re on the Penguins level. Theyhope they are, […]


QUICK CAP: Pens win Game One 4-3

Pens got goals from their PP, and Columbus was still somehow hanging in there. But the third period was where the legs fed the wolf, and the Jackets fell off the face of the Earth.

Some clarifications on our Overtime Challenge contest

We had a couple questions on our new game, Overtime Challenge, that we wanted to answer. 1. You can sign up whenever. There is no deadline. We are giving away prizes per round, however. 2. You don’t have to tweet your picks in if you don’t want, we have a web interface:     Just […]

Pittsburgh Penguins v Columbus Blue Jackets

Jackets/Pens Playoff Preview. Here We Go. Again.

With this being Columbus’ first season playing in the East, the NHL is loving this. A playoff series with the Penguins? Forming a great new rivalry right off the bat? Laugh it up, but Columbus is the closest team to Pittsburgh at only 185 miles away. All this puppy of a rivalry needs is a […]