This Beau Bennett quote says it all

Via the great JB It’s being able to read and react,” Bennett said. “We played a lot like robots last year. Everything was so ingrained in your mind. You had to be at a certain place at a certain time. Even today, on our forechecks, it was cool to (hear), ‘I don’t care who’s the […]

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Look for the Penguins new third jersey on Friday

This kind of slipped under the radar. The Penguins new third jersey is going to be released for sale tomorrow: So, one would think we’ll get to see it. Rumors have swirled all year about it. As long as they aren’t blue, we’re in.


Never trust the Internet. The Score burned by a fake tweet.

First off, we love ” The Score.” It is one of the best sites out there for NHL coverage. But that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at them. One of our good friends, @mikedarnay stunned the Internet when he tweeted this fake @penguins tweet: Funny stuff. The Score didn’t get the joke though: Whoops. No […]

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-New York Rangers at Pittsburgh Penguins

20 storylines to follow as Penguins Training Camp opens

The Pens are coming to training camp with a hell of an off-season disappearing in the rear-view mirror. Bylsma and Shero were given their walking papers, Mike Johnston and Jim Rutherford took over their respective roles, Rutherford reworked the Penguins’ roster so that they have actual NHL players on all four lines now. Long-time Penguin […]


Pens delivered tickets today

Every pre-season, if you haven’t been priced out of season tickets yet, the Pens may be coming to your house to deliver your season tickets to you (and apparently 300 of your closest friends and family). You’d think other leagues and teams would begin doing something like this. Thankfully not. Like anyone wants an NFL player […]


Pens Rookie Tournament Update

You can’t watch the games in their entirety unless you’re a Penguin, work for the Penguins, attend the actual games, live nearby where apparently they televise the games, or you found an illegal stream because you’re unrealistically excited about a rookie tournament.


Sidney Crosby quotes translated

There is no question Sidney Crosby gives the most boring quotes of all time. He is like a robot. But over the years, we’ve been able to detect certain tells in his quotes, and we believe we’ve cracked his code. We will be translating his quotes all season, but we won’t be marrying ourselves to a […]


NHL’s new rules and what they mean for you

The NHL announced some rules changes for the upcoming season, and they’re awesome across the board. Pay attention because this shit will come up in every game, and you’ll look like an idiot if you don’t know them.