NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Chicago Blackhawks at St. Louis Blues

Overtime Challenge Daily Leaderboard

The first couple nights of OT Challenge have been a blast. Here is the leaderboard. Three games on the slate tonight: Montreal vs Tampa – Game 2 Detroit vs Boston – Game 1 Dallas vs Anaheim – Game 2 Remember the points for a correct selection in Game 2 = two points. A quick reminder […]


Can the Penguins stayed composed in Game 2?

Justin Boure had a really good piece on Thursday about the Penguins and why keeping their composure is going to be key against the Blue Jackets going forward. [ The Score ] In a series like Pittsburgh/Columbus, the Penguins need to understand: the Blue Jackets don’t truly believe they’re on the Penguins level. Theyhope they are, […]