NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Pittsburgh Penguins

Blake Comeau is good again

It wasn’t exactly a trending topic when the Penguins signed Blake Comeau to a one-year contract on the first day of free agency this past July.  Comeau, who had only netted 11 goals in parts of the last two seasons, was at best seen as a guy who would primarily be filling a role in the bottom-six.  His name not being Tanner Glass or Deryk […]


Taylor Hall linked to Penguins according to hockey insiders

http://gty.im/459590912 On Tuesday night’s Insider trading the Penguins were linked to Taylor Hall. [ 25 Stanley ] The article is in french but here is the rough translation: Pierre Lebrun took care of the star player the Oilers believe exchanged. According to theinsider , the two teams to watch are the Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh […]

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Media Feud: @markmaddenx and ESPN’s @BrittMcHenry get in a nasty fight

So, this got ugly in a hurry.  WXDX’s Mark Madden and ESPN’s Britt McHenry got in an old-fashioned Twitter war on Tuesday. Here is what happened. Madden blasted McHenry for coming to town and asking for a one-on-one with Sidney Crosby while he was in quarantine: Tweets were deleted, but this is one portion of the […]


RECAP: Game 30. Time is a flat circle.

You can see why the Lightning are so good. What a fun team to watch. Minus Steven Stamkos, who was completely invisible. Evgeni Malkin would get murdered by hockey pundits if he didn’t show up for a big game. You have to say the same for the Lightning golden boy. Yikes. Stamkos was nowhere to […]

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Pittsburgh Penguins

What The Hell Happened: Pens beat Lightning in what could be first of many matchups

http://gty.im/460515612 Depending on what your personal outlook on the Eastern Conference is the Penguins and Lightning are probably at least two of the best four teams. So don’t be surprised if these two teams meet again. In this game the Lightning came out flying, but the Penguins got elite goaltending from Marc-Andre Fleury, and they […]

Head in Hands

Beau Bennett has the mumps; concern as he visited Children’s Hopsital

Beau Bennett may have the Mumps. And this could turn even worse, because Bennett made a trip to Pittsburgh’s Children Hospital last week as a part of the Penguins annual charity. What a nightmare. Here is how Mumps are spread: Mumps is spread in the same way as colds and flu – through infected droplets […]

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@emptynetters lays out Penguins’ credibility, and it isn’t pretty.

http://gty.im/159940746 May be the post of the year thus far. Do yourself a favor — take your black-and-gold sunglasses off and give this a read. [ Penguins’ Credibility in Question ] A brief preview from the post: Like any other NHL team, the Penguins are certainly under no obligation to offer the complete and full […]