The Long Road Ahead


The curtains are up. Light bulbs are installed.
The lock on the bedroom door works, so you know you can touch yourself in peace.
The move to Pensblog 2.0 was pretty flawless.
We can officially stop talking about ourselves.
Bless the handful of poor souls whose profiles got jobbed:
Chandler's List:
Sven Butenschon
The Flightless Bird
Hand of Godard
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Asian lady doesn't even know where she is.

Amidst all the recent confusion, we forgot the Pens were sucking.
We brought ourselves up to speed by visiting LGP.
– Should the Pens trade for Dany Heatley? LINK
– Unemployed coach John Tortorella was seen at Pittsburgh International Airport. LINK
We heard a rumor that Kevin Constantine was seen taking a big-time dump at that Sunoco off the Bridgeville exit.
"This new quote-embed thing is sick."
— Kevin Constantine

This is the roughest patch we have seen Therrien go through.
And that is one of the best photoshops Therrien has been put in.
But judging by the fact that he survived the weekend, it seems he isn't going anywhere.
And maybe that isn't a bad thing because Therrien's record in February and March is unreal.
Over the last two years, Therrien's combined record in February and March is 39-13-7.
That is big time. Like real big-time.
Just sayin'.
But losing back-to-back against Philly and Washington might change everything.


Everyone is on the case of the Pens struggles:
:: EMPTY NETTERS has a unreal piece on the lack of Penguin wingers.
:: Leahy gives us five reasons why the Pens are mud.PUCK DADDY.
#6 is the lack of a go-to gameday character.
:: THE CONFLUENCE gets busy on some stats.
We'd come up something, but we're jokes.

Speaking of jokes…
Could Vinny Lecavalier be on his way to the Habs? TSN
Speaking of even bigger jokes…
Kevin Constantine was probably reading the recent ESPN Magazine article about Ryan Malone when he was in the Sunoco, so he saw something awesome:
thickANDY ftw

We just wanted to send out a huge thank-you to Derek Hanson.
He is the creator of Bloguin.
If we couldn't figure something out here, he was able to piece it together for us.
In early October, we were approached about a possible move to SB Nation by someone we won't name.
We were seriously entertaining the idea, but word came down from SB Nation's brass that we were way too into "homosexuals."
We're glad we didn't make the move over there, and even though we have some close blogging friends that use the site, we consider SB Nation joke city, and we hope to make Bloguin a way better network.
SB Nation would like to respond we're sure.
But their server is too busy:
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  • A.O.'s go live at Noon Wednesday.