Sidney Crosby will not be at the NHL All-Star Game again this year

Despite being the face of the league, Sidney Crosby was not selected for the NHL All-Star Game.

Arguably the best hockey player on the planet for the last ten years, Crosby has only played in one All-Star Game in his career due to various reasons.

Last season, Crosby was suspended one game for no-showing due to an apparent injury. He returned the Pens lineup immediately after serving the suspension.

Said Crosby of the snub:

“It was a lot easier for me to get out of it this year, that’s for sure. I knew when this season started slow for me, there was a chance I’d be able to miss it. It was tough for a while there, especially in early December when we weren’t playing well. I knew I could be playing better, but I didn’t want to chance playing too well to merit earning more votes.

The Olympic years were easy, and you never want to be injured –even though missing the All-Star Game kind of eases your pain. But last year it was tough to find an excuse –I just kind of ran with the injury thing and that didn’t go over too well, so I knew going in to this season the only answer was I’d have to play bad enough to fall out of the voting. I’m just really glad I didn’t make it and now we still have more than enough time here in Pittsburgh to get back into contention. For me, the focus can shift from not making the All-Star Game to a playoff run, and that’s really great.”

Said a random guy on Forbes Avenue in a Pens jersey on Crosby’s snub:

“They still play the All-Star Game? Who the hell cares.”




Credit to The Onion for obtaining these quotes.