Every Day’s Like Sunday. PENS WIN.

shutout city
Does NBC know the game isn't about themselves?
Mike Emrick and Pierre McGuire almost forgot to talk about the action on the ice.
Edzo was actually a calming influence in the booth for this one.
Don't look now, but the Pens have won 3 of their last 4.
4 games ago, the All-Star break was sorely needed for the Pens.
A win against Carolina on Tuesday, and the All-Star break will hurt.
j wood
Mike Adamle

The Pens couldn't be stopped early on. They had chance after chance.
Jordan Staal may have had 11 shots. It was helped with an early PP chance.
If you're talking about a Penguin who deserved a goal, it was Chris Minard.
Big goal past the inpenetrable Lundqvist. 1-0.
The Rangers were starting to get their own chances, too.
But MAF was probably the sharpest we've seen him all season.
In the latter half of the first, Tyler was able to sneak into the faceoff circle and snipe a shot past the penetrable Lundqvist. 2-0.
Weirdly enough, it was TK's first home goal this season, the telling sign being the Mellon Arena In-Game crew playing the MISSSTTEERRRR KEEENNNNNNEEDDDDYYYY clip.
The Rangers hit a pipe at the end of the period, thus capping one of the lamest period recaps we've ever typed.
So bizarre during the first intermission when McGuire and Milbury awkwardly debated the presence of fighting in the NHL.
The debate became bigger than the game itself as the afternoon wore on.
Crosby had a penalty shot early in the second.
We ran to National City before he took the shot and deposited a Lundqvist save in the bank.
Not saying anything about those two behind the glass.
Check out Big Bossman behind Henrik.
After some more jobbing.
Petr Sykora bingo'd on a power play to make it 3-0.
As per the usual when it comes to Rangers games, there really isn't much to discuss here.
Godard maybe did the biggest thing he did all year.
After Colton Orr took some usual shots at Bing, Godard went after a Rangers star player.
After some searching, Godard found Scott Gomez.  What a move.
You could almost feel Orr being stunned.
Well played by Gods.
Why should we even try recapping a third period?
Nothing happened. Malkin was jobbing people.
Colton Orr is a wimp.
Actual quote from Eddie Olczyk:

"Fleury has calmed down a lot. Even from back in 2007 when the Pens were the eight seed against Ottawa and got beat in four games, he has matured."

Eddie Olczyk: a man of detail and a 31-64-14 coaching record.
LOWELL spotted this jersey of a youth hockey team in town this weekend for a tournament.
a booga booga booga!!
[Josiah S]
coat spotted at the game
Mondesi's House will be a great place to be.
Troy Polamalu makes the biggest play we've seen since Sykora's OT goal.
What a player.
The Ghost of Rodney Harrison can rest in peace.
Why does Jim Nantz sound like he is going to throw up?
[thanks to BOBBI]
We're issuing a public apology to Jeff Reed.
Limas Sweed is a joke.
Willis McGahee got free candy in the form of a Clark Bar.
Did Ed Reed even play?
Whoever threw Madison out of bounds is an idiot.
Now we get to make fun of people like this:
It is going to be a fun two weeks.