Who is Willie Desjardins ? Three quick things on “Whiteboard Willie.”

It has been fun watching everyone talk themselves into Willie Desjardins. Based on reports, the Penguins’ job may be his to lose. Here is what we know.

1. He has an elite moustache


There is a decision there to groom the ‘stache. He looks like a classic 90’s villain from a Sinbad movie.

2. “He loves to win.”

Doing some research on Desjardins, we came across this piece from last year. [ The Province ]

The author of the story is a former player under Desjardins. Really good read. Including this:

Willie’s teams are held accountable through their core values, their goals and their vision. His vision is very clear: to win a championship. His teams are successful because he gets the most out of his leadership groups. Groups that are carefully constructed to ensure every different friendship group, or cliques that come out of a dressing room, are on the same page. Willie knows how to utilize his team’s strengths, while constantly improving their weaknesses.

3.  They call him “Whiteboard Willie”

According to Defending Big D, he earned the nickname in Medicine Hat.

Becoming known as “Whiteboard Willie” in Dallas, Desjardins could always be seen as the coach behind the bench discussing late game strategies and plays that seemed to be more effective than most designed plays in hockey. Perhaps the most famous example of this came in November of 2011 when, down by a goal in the final minute of regulation, a set play worked to formation to tie the game against the Los Angeles Kings.

Upon first hearing about this, we thought it was hype, but the more you read about Desjardins, the more impressive he sounds. All that said, why hasn’t he had a job in the NHL yet? Guess we are about to find out.

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