We lost a fellow Pens fan yesterday.

A reader of ours, Christopher Trapuzzano, e-mailed us today. And we are just sick about it. He lost his brother yesterday.

Dear Pensblog staff:

Yesterday, I lost my brother, Nate to a tragic, senseless, cowardly act of violence.  He was mugged and shot to death on the west side of Indianapolis, Indiana while out for his usual morning jog.  Nate and I have been avid readers of your site since before the first Finals run in 2008 and Penguins fans for as long as I can remember.  

Nate was a son, brother, newly wed husband, and expecting father.  He leaves behind his family and a beautiful wife who is expecting a daughter in May.  I’ve seen the power your blog has to reach the masses. I know this probably isn’t something you guys like to do, but I ask that you pass along the following links to readers, twitter followers, whomever you wish.

The first link is a funeral/baby expense fund; feel free to send thoughts and prayers or donate as you wish. The second is surveillance video of the suspects. Feel free to share these so that justice may be served. I want this video to be seen by as many people as possible.  Believe me when I say that all thoughts, prayers, donations, and shares are appreciated. Your time and efforts are appreciated.  Thank you, stay safe, and go pens.

We are just floored. There are no words. Again the links for the gofundme are here, and the survelliance here.

Rest in peace, Nate.

TPB Staff

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