Watching the Jeopardy! video go viral in less than 12 hours

So, we record “Jeopardy!” every night. We are a week behind, and we watched last Thursday’s episode last night

And this happened…

Step 1: We checked the Internet, and seemingly no one was talking about it.

Step 2: Went on YouTube and found some lonely account that posts every Jeopardy! game for some reason.

Step 3: Recorded the video and e-mailed our PDL editor. Figured the video would be worth some laughs, and we’d post it over there since we are trying to help build that site up.

Step 4: Fatal mistake. We uploaded the video to our Pensblog YouTube account and saved a post on PDL.

Step 5: Went to bed.

Woke up this morning, checked the vid. 5k views. WTF????

Someone found the video and posted it on Reddit, and from there it blew up. Puck Daddy, USA Today, and others grabbed it. It is on the front page of reddit hockey.

It has 13,000 views in less than 12 hours, which really is low in terms of “viral,” but still the ferocity of how something gets going never ceases to amazes us.

Last thing — the guy that made the mistake did an AMA on reddit. He posted a pic of his face and said, “he mouthed the word shit.” We assume that was edited out, because of course that would have went viral, as well.


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