VIDEO: Mike Milbury on Brooks Orpik: “He tries to hurt people.”

Here’s a shocker: Mike Milbury complaining about something. His target on Sunday night: Brooks Orpik. Orpik hit Jonathan Toews hard in the Penguins’ zone, knocking the Hawks’ captain out. Mike Milbury had this to say:

Milbury says, “Orpik tries to hit people when they are vulnerable; HE TRIES TO HURT PEOPLE.”

Trying to make sense of Milbury is always tough. He rambles through the segment with several different thoughts:

– He claims Orpik should have fought but says Orpik doesn’t believe in fighting.
– Greatest quote ever here: “If I were coaching this team, I’d say let’s do something about this right here.”
– After Keith Jones passive-aggressively insinuates some things, Milbury is asked about whether or not other Penguins should be worried about the third period. Then he admits Toews had his head down, but Orpik didn’t “let him off the hook.”  Yikes! Because there are NHL players that actually would?

Overall, you hate to see someone like Toews get blown up like that. You could lay out a case about the puck location and Orpik maybe leaving his feet, but it is borderline. It is a hard hit that Orpik is paid to deliever.

There was no penalty on the play, and much to NBCSN’s chagrin, there was no pushback from the Hawks the rest of the game.


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