Two catastrophic mistakes in analyzing Dan Bylsma

The Penguins empire is burning and everyone wants a piece, right or wrong. And in this case, wrong.

The first piece from author unknown on Deadspin:

[ Dan Bylsma was doomed by roster not coaching]

“So no, Dan Bylsma didn’t do as good a job as he could have against Vigneault, and good craftsmen don’t blame their tools and all that. “

That moment when you defeat your own argument.

Second piece from the Washpo:

[ Three reasons the Penguins lost and none of them have to do with Dan Bylsma ]

Hot Goalie

Lundqvist made 35 saves to seal the win for the Rangers — his fifth straight Game 7 victory — and stopped 204 of the 217 shots he faced overall in the series (0.940 save percentage). None were bigger than the barrage of shots he faced with his team clinging to a one-goal lead with five minutes remaining in the all-important Game 7.

No. The author of the post, Neil Greenberg, is a sharp dude. But he is missing the context here. Dan Bylsma and Ray Shero are one and the same. Tanner Glass, Joe Vitale, Craig Adams. Those are Dan Bylsma guys. He CHOOSES those guys.

Enough about this, though. It’s already over. Enjoy this Benstonium vid:

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