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TWEETCAP: Ray Shero Firing

This was weird.  So weird that we couldn’t resist posting social media’s reaction to the news that Ray Shero would be fired from his role as General Manager while Dan Bylsma remains head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins…for now.  In a word, the reaction was: Confused.

It all started with word of a press conference, which led everyone to believe the inevitable was coming: Dan Bylsma’s firing.  Then, news broke that Shero would in fact be joining Bylsma on the unemployment line…

And that was it. Once it was realized that only Shero would lose his seat today, the confusion and anger began to commence… 

One of the many theories…

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You get the gist of where this all went. And this was only Day 3 of what will surely be an interesting Penguins offseason. Fun times.
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