TWEETCAP: Claude Giroux Has Sneaky Hands

Claude Giroux was arrested for redefining “copping a feel” and it was instant internet gold:

This could go on forever.  Obviously Giroux will want to quickly put this behind him, but you can’t help but wonder if this will be in the rear of his mind next season.  On the backside of it all, other players around the league certainly won’t let him forget about it once we get past the hump of the offseason.  Giroux is the Flyers captain and their moneymaker.  For him to put his morals in the caboose and publicly act like an ass, it’s really inexcusable.  It’s one thing to rump around on Canada Day, it’s another to harass an officer just because you think you can.  Can.  Giroux’s reputation may currently be in the pooper, but, the backdoor is still open for this story to change as more details continue to be pulled from the trunk.