Tuesday Must-read: The return of the country club?

Perhaps one of the strongest written Madden columns in years:

For the rest of the season, the Penguins should do a little less branding, shoot a little less reality TV, have a little less fun and treat playing hockey a lot more like work. It could not possibly hurt.

Whole column is here, and it nails a ton of stuff home.

How odd is this, last year on March 4th we said the exact same thing.

Is it the time of the year or something? The Penguins went on a blistering winning streak right after that. But, with a battered bottom six, and a injury-riddled D, a surge in March doesn't seem likely. 

We've seen this before under Bylsma. Just when things look dark, the Penguins put win after win together. This time may be different, however. A brutal schedule awaits, and starts tonight against Nashville.