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The Joe “Joy” Starkey Pyschopath meter

There was a large gust of wind that hit the Pittsburgh area on Saturday night. The national weather service said it was from this column taking a swing and missing really bad. [ Crosby led Penguins down the drain ]

Joe Starkey wanted the hits. He got the damn hits.

The column was irrational.

Here is our hot take on the subject

Okay, so what? Sidney Crosby didn’t score in the playoffs. durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

You can present us with all the facts you want about Sidney Crosby, but in the end, it really doesn’t matter. Like everyone else, we’ve watched Crosby his entire career. Maybe he was injured; maybe there is something else going on.

We are sure Crosby will think about how he can play better next year while he is walking up to get his Hart Trophy next month. Hopefully, everyone will remember this column when Starkey accuses Penguin fans of being ungrateful next week.

Also, what’s even worse for Starkey, he took a shot at advanced stats, too:

In those four games, the Penguins’ best player totaled zero goals, zero assists and a minus-6 (still checking on his Corsi rating).

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