The Dan Bylsma Blame Media Tour

Dan Bylsma deserves blame for USA Hockey’s Olympic embarrassment [ Puck Daddy ] — Greg really takes Bylsma behind the wood shed, and you can’t find much to argue about it.

Reddit comment thread [ Reddit ]

USA Men’s Hockey: Is Dan Bylsma to Blame for Disappointing Finish? [ The Hockey Writers ]

Kovacevic: Bylsma’s dream job unravels [ Trib ] — Dejan has historically used misdirection tactics to keep blame away from Bylsma, so this article speaks volumes.

How Dan Bylsma Cost Team USA a Medal [ Sunbelt Hockey Journal ] — To be fair, this is a Canes writer who really takes Brooks Orpik to task, as well. Combination of actual blame and the Erik Cole Syndrome.

Do a Twitter search “bylsma” for a fun ride, as well.

Frankly, we want the guy to get back to Pittsburgh, regroup, and reload for the homestretch. Team USA’s collapse has meant everything the last couple days, but it will be meaningless tomorrow as the NHL gets back into gear. When you’re being charged by a herd of elephants, you don’t worry about the one that just blew past you; you worry about the next one coming.

And as far as Pens fans are concerned, it’s gone from the NHL vs. the Penguins to the entire United States against Dan Bylsma. The best part is he can troll everyone with a Stanley Cup championship in June. The majority of U.S. fans despise him right now, which means they despise the Penguins and want to see him fail even some more. It’s gonna be a tough road ahead of all of us.