NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-New York Rangers at Pittsburgh Penguins

Source: Dan Bylsma has one job offer already waiting for him if the Pens lose tonight and he is fired.

Huge news.

Source confirms: “NASA is always interested in people that look at stars and can’t figure it out. Bylsma is impressive in that category.”

(Stole that joke from last year’s season recap. Thought it was worth it.)

Read some real Bylsma stuff from Puck Daddy, and another really well written piece by Dejan.

The pressure on Bylsma tonight is extraordinary. It has something that has never occurred in his coaching career. His defenders are huddled in dark places praying to the “get to your game” gods. His critics have pitchforks ready on Fifth Ave.

Most other people – us included – are apathetic, because we saw this coming long ago.


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