Something to be aware of if you are going to the Pens game in Philly tomorrow

From Greg N.

Hey guys, Pens fan and Philly resident here. I just wanted to give a heads up to pass along to any of your readers that might attend the game on Saturday at the Wells Fargo Center. A lot of people who don't want to park in the stadium lots will usually stay in a hotel downtown or away from the area and take public transit in (namely the Subway that goes from downtown to the arenas). There is a decent but unconfirmed chance that midnight tonight (Friday into Saturday), the local public transportation drivers will be going on strike. This means no bus, subways, or trains for people to get to the game. This is just to give a heads up. There is parking in South Philly within walking distance if no one wants to pay the extortion to park at the Wells Fargo Center, but in case some planned on staying Downtown and just taking the train to the game, it may be a problem. Again, no definite answer to whether or not SEPTA goes on strike, but it's a distinct possibility. Thanks and Go Pens, Greg South Philly by way of New Ken

According to reports there is a midnight deadline for a strike.