Seismic shift in Pittsburgh media: Dejan Kovacevic moves on from The Trib

In a move that no one saw coming, Dejan Kovacevic announced he has quit The Trib and is starting his own site. Kovacevic is starting a subscription-based site, DK On Pittsburgh Sports, and it launches Wednesday.

Dejan first announced the move on Facebook and said the site will go live with a subscription model, although he has secured a mystery corporate sponsor.

Love or hate Kovacevic, you’re probably talking about him. He’s easily one of the most polarizing members of the Pittsburgh media. And he could be on the verge of changing the game.

Why this is a huge move

Newspapers are just about dead. We all know that. The Trib has done a great job at curating content via their website. DK was a huge part of that. DK is also a print guy through and through. Knowing that, for him to make this kind of move is a damning reminder of how far print has fallen.

But let’s not dwell on negatives and let’s not celebrate by thinking DK is becoming a “blogger.” It’s bigger. Print media is dying, but digital is just ramping up. The Pittsburgh Internet is ripe for this. Ever since Mondesi’s House stopped blogging, there hasn’t been a central place for all Pittsburgh fans to go. Enter DK on Pittsburgh Sports.

The most interesting thing to watch will be how DK’s subscription service works out. Paywalls are very tricky. But people pay for TIOPS, so who knows.

If nothing else, if this moves brings about, we all win.


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