Roundup: The continued fallout

The Penguins’ demise has brought out a lot of opinion. Here are some of the must-reads.

@SeanConPM  probably won the day with this piece. [ R.I.P. Corporate Penguins ]

This flop will be analyzed from now until training camp, and even then, it seems like the vigor of the Early Crosby Era has been sucked out this franchise. Nostalgia is tricky. There were literally rats running around outside the locker rooms when the Penguins won the Cup in 2009. The Penguins needed a world-class facility. They needed a new arena. Instead, they got a country club.

– @jmarshfof  went deep into failures all the way down the line. [ Experience the Evolution ]

The Penguins never figured out the following:

1. How to combat net front convergence. 
2. How to beat a 2-3 neutral zone trap. 
3. How to responsibly handle the puck to avoid turnovers.

– @zoeclaire_with an honest piece with some realization. [ The Pens aren’t the dynasty they should have been. ]


Someone is going to take responsibility for that this summer, God willing.  Basically what we’re saying is, we can’t wait.


This is all coming back to the Pens higher ups now, it seems.  Michel Therrien just coached the Montreal Canadians into the Conference Finals after years in exile.


We’d say there may never be another true dynasty in the NHL, but the Blackhawks are currently making a strong argument.  If they repeat this year we’ll have to analyze their organizational strategy while pissing on ourselves in a bunker.


blow it the fuck up, go pens

Last but not least.  @AGretz offers suggestions on how to fix the penguins. [ How do the Pittsburgh Penguins fix what is broken ]

He also shared this. A perfect team for Penguin fans.


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