Rob Rossi’s Malkin/Johnston column faces harsh criticism. Should it?

Ryan Wilson of HockeyBuzz took Rob Rossi behind the woodshed over Rossi’s Mike Johnston/Malkin piece. [ Playtime is over, for baseless narratives ]

Over the years we’ve seen this battle fought many times. While we don’t believe Rossi is intending to be overly critical of Malkin, his writing does seem to sometimes make it look like what he is saying is fact, rather than the opinion that it is.

Wilson seems to take offense to this statement of Rossi’s:

Malkin never has done anything but play, and playtime is over because the Penguins need more from their other future Hall of Fame center

Wilson responds with this:

This is an actual take from somebody who has covered the Penguins on a daily basis for years. It is alarming to me that people who watch the team closely could possibly come to the conclusion that it is Malkin who needs to do more to prop this team up.

Malkin isn’t some kind of “fragile flower” or “enigmatic Russian”. He is one of the reasons the Penguins have been propped up with terrible forward depth the past few years
Remember when Malkin was going to “sulk” his way through the rest of the season because of “Olympic failure”? He finished the year with 28 points in 27 games

As we said yesterday, after reading the piece Rossi wrote, we thought it was more evidence of how bad of a job Dan Bylsma did coaching Malkin. It does paint Malkin as some bizarre figure, but that won’t be the last time.

Calling this feud a draw, good show though. Being that is is July, we need something to get jammed about.


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