RECAP: Game 78: Penguins lose 4-0 to Wild.

The Penguins really didn’t seem to care about this game. Minnesota had stuff to play for. The Penguins did not.

According to Rob Rossi, the Penguins view the rest of the season as exhibition:

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like it will backfire or anything.

Summary of the game in one GIF

2014-04-06 00_21_15

Other things

– One of the great disappointments of this season is Beau Bennett not getting a full year under his belt. There is no question he is a skilled guy and his speed is very impressive. Hopefully he has a good playoffs and stays healthy.

– If the Penguins consider the rest of the season an exhibition, maybe they should give season-ticket holders discounts for the final three games. Yikes.

63% chance of Pens/Wings as of today.


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