RECAP: Game 77. Penguins beat Jets 4-2.

The score was 2-2, and it was the third period. The Professional Defenseman, Paul Martin, stepped up. He found an opening, and then James Neal found him. Goal. Penguins took the lead 3-2 and went on to win the game.


This wasn’t an important game at all, but for some reason Paul Martin’s third-period goal was exciting. He should call a players-only meeting to discuss how awesome he is and make fun of Rob Scuderi.

Couple other things happened:

– Beau Bennett scored again. That is two in three games. If he scores another one in the next two games, he runs the risk of being sent down to Wilkes-Barre.
– The Penguins clinched the Metro Division. Other than another banner in the rafters, it means something else, too: home ice in the first two rounds of the playoffs.
– Eric Tangradi played seven minutes. SEVEN.

Some good games this weekend against Minnesota and Colorado, then three more games in the final week of the season.

Still looking like a 56% chance of the Red Wings in the first round.


-Bennett got time with Crosby and Kunitz up top. Then he got a chance on the power play. He took advantage of the time and scored on a feed from Crosby.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Winnipeg Jets

– Tanner Glass hit everything that moved in this game. He finished with only three hits, but it felt like he had more. Overall he is 11th in the NHL with 225 hits.

– Still not sold on Taylor Pyatt. His recent goal spurt included a deflection and a horrible backup goaltender.

– Dustin Byfuglien almost killed MAF with a slapper in the first.

– The Penguins hit a second-period wall that let the Jets take over. They scored two goals in seven minutes to make it 2-1.

– Rob Scuderi took his first penalty in 48 games this season in the second.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 1.22.45 AM

– Turning point: Craig Adams scores the weakest goal in NHL history vs. Ondrej Pavelec.


Pavelec is now 2-11 all-time against the Penguins with an .870 save percentage.

– Seven minutes into the third, Sidney Crosby drew a penalty. Paul Mart.


Good times. Go Pens.

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