RECAP: Game 46. Pens lose to Oilers 4-3 in OT

Rob Scuderi's quote on this game is getting a lot of play, as it should. Via [ the Trib]

Absolutely not,” Scuderi said. “If you're going to try and play hockey like the Harlem Globetrotters, you're going to get burned. We continue to make the same mistakes, go for the same highlight reel plays.

“That might look good on the highlight reels every now and then, but it's not a formula for winning."

There is a fine line between getting that jammed up about this game and not getting jammed up. No, the sky isn't falling, but are there some cracks showing? Take this into account: the Blues played in Edmonton on Wednesday and completely dominated the Oilers. Here’s the stat sheet from that night:

Here is the stat sheet from last night:

The Penguins are one of the best teams in the NHL. They are held to different standards. They are held to the same standards as the Blues, Blackhawks, and Ducks. And that is going to be the narrative to stand by until the playoffs. Every loss, the question is going to be, would that have happened to the Blues? Would Toews or Kane have taken a bad penalty to let a team back into the game? Would Bruce Boudreau have trusted second-rate players to kill a huge penalty in overtime?
Agree or disagree, the Penguins’ expectations are high, and when you lose to a bad team, the feelings are low. It just seems like a familiar theme that sometimes the Penguins go from total domination to total meltdown in mere minutes.
A chance for a rebound in Calgary later tonight. 
RECAP of this one here:


The bro singing the anthems ruined the start of the game. Horrible job.
Jeff Zatkoff made the start in net and was the best Penguin in the first period, which doesn't say a lot.
Penguins went with Letang-Scuds, Orpik-Bortuzzo, Maatta-Niskanen.
Orpik-Bortuzzo was a tad bit slow.

Most interesting moment of the first period

Crosby's awareness is insane. Zatkoff lost his stick. Crosby stopped what he was doing and gave it to him. 

Worst player of the first

Oh, no. Kris Letang. After a great performance in Vancouver, you had to hope he was turning a corner.
Yikes. A bunch of turnovers in the first, and he ruined the Penguins’ only powerplay by taking a penalty. It was kind of a shitty call, though. Ryan Symth sucks, too, by the way.
Overall, a lot of turnovers by the Penguins. The Oilers are a terrible, terrible team, so it’s probably easy to get sucked into that. Speaking of that, everything about Edmonton sucks. The Oilers are a second-rate organization, and their clock was having all kinds of problems in the first. Bylsma was jammed about it.


Bylsma was still jammed up about the clock stuff. Not quite sure what was going on. 

Penguins were going to get going; it was just a matter of time. And that time was about three minutes in. Malkin just abused Oilers D-man Jeff Petry behind the net. He then found James Neal, who roofed it. 1-0.

Pens fans in Oil Country were loving it.

The Oilers look like they don't really care. No fight or really anything. And more was coming from the Pens.

And about five minutes later, Robbie Gibbons led a 3-on-2 and correctly dropped it to Crosby. Crosby looked for Kunitz, but instead it went in off some dude’s stick.  2-0.

Oilers opened it up for some reason. Zatkoff made a few saves, but mostly the Oilers blew all kinds of chances. Pens were just toying with the Oilers at points.


The Penguins were a goal away from turning this game into a laugher. They were even closer when, on a power play, Malkin humiliated Petry again. But Dubnyk actually made a save, and Malkin collided with him. Then Malkin swept his stick to the corner. Dubnyk and Malkin started pushing. Malkin got a penalty. It was a dick move, and it was costly.
Look at the ref:

Real rough penalty for Malkin to take.


This was really the turning point: the Oilers scoring.
They made it 2-1 on a goal by the Nuge.

Oilers finally woke up and realized this was the NHL.
Both teams exchanged chances, with the Oilers getting the better of them. Finally, they broke through. Taylor Hall scored to tie it. 2-2.

But then the Oilers took their own bad penalty. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins held up Niskanen coming through the neutral zone. Bad penalty, and the Penguins will make you pay when you do that.
First, they call a timeout. Off the faceoff, the pucks finds its way to Letang. He points it at the net. 3-2.
(Before the Oilers tied it, the narrative to this game was going to be how Letang is playing decent on this trip. Two goals from him is huge.)
But that wasn't the game. The Oilers showed some guts. Off a rush, the Penguins get outworked and don't cover the points. Some Russian dude scores. 3-3.

We love what Rob Scuderi said and all, but when you get outworked by Ales Hemsky, should you be pointing fingers?
Right before OT, Sutter took a really bad penalty behind the Oilers net. Interestingly, with 23.9 seconds left, Bylsma chose to deploy Craig Adams on the penalty kill. Oilers get a late chance, but Zatkoff keeps it out.


Again Bylsma chooses to deploy Adams, Glass, and Orpik against the Oilers’ power play. It didn't go well. Adams failed to clear a puck. Oilers ended it.


Why do you have the three slowest players on your team killing a 4-on-3 penalty? Yes, the Pens have the second-ranked PK in the NHL. Still, within the game, why not find a way to get Sidney Crosby out there? If that’s a playoff game, is Craig Adams killing a period in OT? Yikes.


– Paul Steigerwald and Bob Errey were terrible to listen to in this game. We are sad for the new fans and young fans alike. Steigerwald said the Oilers should just be happy they beat Sidney Crosby. Errey meanwhile just lies about stuff:

– Engelland with a critical error on the Taylor Hall goal. Why again is he playing over Zach Sill?

– What?