RECAP: Game 43. Pens beat Rangers 5-2.

The Rangers are a dangerous reminder of what happens when you fire your coach but then keep all of the fired coach’s stiff players. Talk about a team without an identity; holy shit.
The Penguins took full advantage of the Rangers’ identity crisis and dominated yet another game at home. Their 11th straight home win. The formula worked yet again.


The division now looks like this:

Big week ahead for the Pens: Winnipeg coming to town on Sunday, then off to the Western Canada trip next week.


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The lead into the game from Root Sports was Paul Steigerwald trying to sell Taylor Pyatt to everyone. Brutal as always.
- The first part of the game was like being locked in a room and forced to watch the "I, Frankenstein" trailer.
- Craig Adams had the best chance of the first ten minutes. He had King Henrik down and out, but because he is Craig Adams he couldn't go top shelf.

LOL @ the kid standing up on the far left. 
- The Pens got the first PP when Rick Trash took a dumb penalty. Right now, if you take a penalty against the Penguins, Chris Kunitz is going to score a goal. It took the Pens most of the power play to do it, but Crosby made a magical pass…

… and Kunitz finished. As usual. 1-0. How good is the power play right now.
- The Pens PK got some work when Zach Sill took a penalty. Fleury made a nice save after a Ranger split Engelland and Orpik.

Jokinen scores first goal in a while

Had no idea Jussi Jokinen hadn't scored in 10-plus games. He got a big late goal with about two minutes left. 2-0. 
Leroy Gibbons or whatever his name is had a nice pass as he undressed Marc Staal. Marc Staal should probably rethink some things.
Great pass by Despres to set the whole thing up.

At least Despres can watch that replay on his iPad when he is scratched for some reason next game.


- On Jokinen's next shift of the game, a minute into the second, he and Bilbo Gibbons connected again. 3-0. King Henrik looks lost.

- The Rangers did shit for most of the second. Brian Boyle is unimaginably bad at hockey. Strong case for worst player in the NHL.
- About midway through the period, the Pens didn't do anything. Visual in this chart:

- Then as the period was ending, the Penguins killed a penalty, and the Rangers got sloppy. Kunitz stole a puck and gave it to Crosby. Crosby did this:

4-0. If Henrik was any deeper, he'd be underground. What awful positioning.

- Taylor Pyatt did his first thing as a Penguin. He took a penalty at the end of the second.


The real challenge of the third was not falling asleep watching the game. A 4-0 lead is pretty hard to blow. Fleury wasn't overly great in this game, but he made a ton of nice saves in the third:

- The Rangers did get two goals, though. They made it 4-2 in the span of about four minutes. But before you had time to vomit, Kunitz-Crosby-Neal came right back. Less than a minute later, Crosby willed a puck to Kunitz. Goal. 5-2. King Henrik's reaction was one of our favorites of the season:

Sucks to suck.

Crosby and Ryan McDonagh had some chirp fest late in the third.

Your Pic

Ten bucks to the person that can figure out what each player said.


- The Pens honored all 5 Pens and Rangers headed to Sochi for Team USA.

- Pics: AP/Getty