NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Pittsburgh Penguins at New York Rangers

QUICK CAP: Uh-oh, you’re in trouble. Pens shut down MSG, take 3-1 series lead.

Whenever a road team scores in the NHL playoffs, the opposing team’a music of their choice should play in the arena. If, in your mind, you can envision M.I.A.’s  “Double Bubble Trouble,” playing every time the Penguins scored Wednesday night in MSG, it will make the victory all the better.

It is very obvious what we are watching, and it is fucking awesome. Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin have put the Penguins on their backs. Wherever and whenever they stop, the season probably ends.

But that doesn’t look like anytime soon.

The Penguins didn’t just beat the Rangers; they embarrassed them. And their fans. By the end of the game, boos usually reserved for Crosby and Malkin were raining down on Rick Nash and Marty St. Louis. It was glorious. Now all the Penguins have to do is win one more game.


Kris Letang and Paul Martin

While Crosby and Malkin pairing up is the biggest story, Martin/Letang are a close second. Martin played 30 minutes, Letang 27. When Rick Nash cries himself to sleep tonight, Letang and Martin will be there to deflect the tears away into the neutral zone.

Olli Maatta

Underrated game from Maatta. The Penguins lost Brooks Orpik in the second period and played the rest of the game with five d-men. And they were no worse for wear.

Fleury vs. Lundqvist


In the playoffs, it’s not so much the saves you make as much as when you make them. This game is a prime example. The Rangers had a chance to score right out of the gate, but Fleury made a nice stop to begin the game. King Henrik didn’t.

Malkin and Crosby

Four points combined. They dominated the play. The Rangers have no plan or way to stop them.

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