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QUICK CAP: Pens storm back and stun the Jackets, 4-3.

For the second time in three games, the Blue Jackets forgot to exist in the third period, and it was their demise. Actually, screw that. This one was about the Penguins finally waking up in the third period after being down 3-1. They put three goals behind Bobrovsky in a 2:13 stretch and then held on for the huge win.

Here is the thing you have to account for with the Penguins. Yes, they played like dog shit in the first part of this game, but they’ve been in so many playoff games, and they can draw on that experience. And if you’ve watched this team over the past few years, a 3-1 deficit really means nothing. They can turn it around in an instant, and that is what happened here.

Three Big moments

Fleury keeps the Penguins afloat.
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Fleury started bad, but at the 10-minute mark of the second period with the Pens on a penalty kill and the Jackets faithful mocking him by chanting his name, Fleury made some big saves. If the Jackets go up 3-0 there, it a different game.
–  Stempniak buries his shot. Lee Stempniak literally had done nothing in this series. But in a moment that all changed. He had a partial two-on-one with Kris Letang. He choose to snipe, and it worked. Huge game-tying goal.
Brooks Orpik’s late dangle.
If the Penguins go on some type of run in the playoffs, Orpik’s goal with just seconds to go in the second period will be one of the those goals to remember. Up to that point, the Penguins had done nothing. Late-period goals in the playoffs are just huge.
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