QUICK CAP: Pens even it up 1-1. MSG looms.

The Pens even it up. Buckle up; Game 3 is Monday night at MSG.


Crosby is “back”

Everyone pissed off at Sidney Crosby will point at this game and say, “There’s the Sid we’ve been missing.” He didn’t have any points in this game, but he looked all business. Didn’t get booed.

Rangers’ awful power play

We might lay awake tonight and try to think of things worse than the Rangers’ PP. It’s so horrible. Beyond words.

The King

The Rangers needed their PP to at least register a shot or something. The Flyers shut down their PP, too, so this isn’t all about the Pens’ stout penalty killing. An NHL power play should look better. Shit. This is supposed to be about Lundqvist. What a legendary performance, but he just couldn’t get any run support.

Joe Vitale fell as you were reading this.


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