QUICK CAP: Mike Smith. Pens can’t beat him, lose 3-1.

So this GIF will sum things up:

This game wasn't that far from being tied. Mike Smith simply beat the Penguins. It didn't help the Pens fell down 2-0 early and just weren't able to recover. Malkin played the third period like he was in a contest with Vladimir Putin to see who is more unstable. It's actually more funny than it is concerning.

Our Three

3. Michalek

Missed that :)… Michalek's last goal was 83 games ago when he was with the Penguins, and it was against the Coyotes, so of course he would score

2. Mike Riberio

Can't shake the fact Riberio looks like a terrorist that would be in "24." He had a goal and an assist.

1. Mike Smith.

Smith was too good. He made a few highlight-reel saves. Got some love from the posts too. Looked like he wanted to prove to Bylsma he should start in Sochi. Just kidding. Smith is Canadian. whatever