QUICK CAP: Mike Babcock starts the mind games. Pens win 4-3 in a shootout

The Penguins won 4-3 in a shootout, but that is far from the most important thing that happened. After the game, Mike Babcock got everyone all jammed around with this quote about the Penguins…

 ” ...you can tell they are always talking to the referees so they must think there should be penatlies called all the time.”

In all honestly, these quotes were blown a little out of proportion. They weren’t maliciously delivered; Babcock said it in passing. However, Babcock has been around the block and knows that the Pens and Wings may be meeting in the playoffs. There is no question he wanted to play some games.

As for this game, if it is a sign of things to come – look out. It was evenly played. If these two teams would meet next week, we could see almost every game going to OT. There is still a 57% chance of Pens/Wings, but the Blue Jackets do hold the tiebreaker over the Red Wings, so if both win out, it will be Pens/Jackets.


3. Jussi Jokinen

Classy game from Jokinen. He scored what looked like the game-winner in the third period, only to have it wiped out by the Wings late heroics.

2. Tomas Tatar

Tatar can flat-out fly. He nearly ended this game in OT thanks to his great speed.

1. James Neal

Could Neal be heating up at the right time? He had two goals in this one. He also didn’t crosscheck anyone in the face.



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