QUICK CAP: Habs get 2 huge points in Pittsburgh


A lot to digest from this one, and it wasn't the Pens' hottest game of the season. We'd love to use the Olympics layoff excuse, but if that's the reason, then every team would look like complete ass in their first game back. This was more about the Habs and Pens having their annual shit-show game.


3. Michel Therrien — His incessant bitching about the PP that led to the Pens taking a 5-4 lead eventually bought an awful 5-minute PP from the officials that allowed the Habs to tie it up. It was a decent night from the refs until the Glass elbowing call.

2. Danny Briere — Our old friend kept showing up in this game. 2 goals.

1. David Desharnais — The points and performances were really spaced out this game, so he gets the #1 simply for getting the game-winner in the shootout. Shit, add in his 2 assists, and this is a pretty legit choice.