QUICK CAP: #BattleOn no more. Pens win 4-3, win series.

Most people will view this game as the Jackets never giving up and fighting till the end.

That isn’t what happened. This game was over in the second period. It was 4-0.  The 5th Line quit, and so did their team. But with 10 minutes left, Columbus decided to try hard. The Penguins lost two players, though, including Brandon Sutter. And then, for the first time in these playoffs, you could sense a Chernobyl collapse coming. You could already smell the radiation. Instead, the Pens hung on, the Jackets graciously accepted defeat, and we’ll all take a deep breath and prepare for Round 2.

Great story for some Blue Jacket fan to tell his ugly grandkid years from now, but in reality, the Blue Jackets are losers just like everyone else in the playoffs that didn’t advance. They didn’t protect their precious arena, their fans made no difference at all, and they lost the series. Was is it great to see Columbus grow their fanbase? Who cares.

Three moments

3. Evgeni Malkin scored the opening goal to get the Pens rolling.

2. He scored again to make it 2-0.

1. And he scored the game-winning goal, the all-important fourth tally, in the second period. Game six is a big-player’s game. And Malkin showed up when the Penguins needed him to more than ever. Huge effort.

Recaps of all kinds coming tomorrow.


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