Penguins veterans call out… who after loss to Coyotes?

Rob Rossi captured some interesting quotes from the locker room after the Penguins’ 3-2 loss to the Coyotes. [ Trib ]

And by “interesting,” we mean confusing. If the Penguins were full of young players who are just learning to play in the NHL, this quote would make sense.

The biggest thing for us is that we lack a little bit of passion right now,” Scuderi said. “It’s not in our game, especially on the penalty kill.

So we assume Scuderi is talking about Brooks Orpik? And Tanner Glass? and Craig Adams? But that’s weird, because Orpik called a team meeting:

So was Orpik calling out Matt Niskanen? Because that would be strange after this quote:

The guys in here need to show some energy and enthusiasm,” Niskanen said. “We need to show more pride than we did.

This can be viewed several ways.

1. Maybe everyone just hates Brian Gibbons?
2. This is good to get some rare adversity into a locker room that otherwise seems to get along fine.
3. This is all going to end very badly.

Maybe the one thing missing from the Penguins’ locker room is a set of mirrors for the said players to look into. Rob Scuderi, Brooks Orpik, ESPECIALLY BROOKS ORPIK, and whoever else was quoted really should worry less about mouth-piecing in the media and more about their own game.

If anything, this little quote-fest will make things interesting down the stretch for the Penguins. Their schedule doesn’t get much easier with the Kings coming to town on Thursday.

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