Penguins end week coachless and not looking great.

Rob Rossi spoke to the ever forthcoming Jim Rutherford about the coaching hunt:

“The guy I had is going to go in a different direction,” general manager Jim Rutherford said Friday afternoon

The guy may actually have been “two guys” if you believe in timelines.

Perception is reality. And the reality is the Penguins offseason thus far has felt as bad as reading their Twitter account every day. Maybe this all stems from leaving Bylsma hanging for three weeks, as some point out. Either way, it seems like the Pens weren’t a desired destination for top coaching candidates.

Rutherford also said this Friday afternoon, and it doesn’t play well.

“I’ll work off the same list I had, but it will be expanded by two or three names that for whatever reason weren’t considered for interviews the last time.”


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