Mike Johnston will fly to Russia to meet Evgeni Malkin

Getting on an airplane to fly overseas seems like a terrible idea right now. But Mike Johnston is. Oh, yea, he is going to Russia too.

According to the Trib’s Josh Yohe, Johnston wants to meet with Malkin face-to-face. Anytime an article quotes someone formly involved with the CIA you know it is serious.

The quote isn’t appearing on the trib site right now, but The Score grabbed it.

I want to talk with Geno (Evgeni Malkin). I want to get to know him. I think it’s a good thing for a player who he gets to meet his new coach on his home turf. I think it will be comfortable for Geno. It’s a chance for me to meet him, and for us to talk, and I think it’s important. When training camp comes, you don’t really get too much time to talk.

Hmmm…“meet on his home turf…” sounds like something you would say about a dog, but hey, Mike Johnston is flying to place that just shot a plane out of the sky, so whatever he thinks.

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