Mario Lemieux was Drafted 30 Years Ago Today

[Via the Penguins on Facebook] Mario Lemieux was drafted by the Penguins 30 years ago today, at the 1984 draft on June 9th in Montreal.

Mario famously did not shake hands with Penguins officials at the draft and he did not put on a Penguins jersey.

lemieux draft

Of course, he later came to terms with the team and went on to pose for several photos which now all look pretty ridiculous in retrospect.



Mario Lemieux with penguins


The Penguins have a photo gallery on their website and a post on Lemieux’s impact in celebration of 30 years of Mario Lemieux and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Both links are fun visits, even if you just want to see what it was like to have the Penguins draft a forward.