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It is way too early to be calling out Sidney Crosby

One game into the second round, Sidney Crosby has been called out. And it is hilarious.

A slew of people ranging from, as journalists would say, anonymous online commenters on “The Twitter” to, as anonymous online commenters would say, “shitty journalists” have been begun calling out Sidney Crosby.

And it’s way too early for all this.

Colin Dunlap wrote up a piece Saturday morning, calling Crosby “pedestrian” and saying he’s not even creating scoring chances.

Actually, he said this:

“It isn’t that he isn’t just scoring goals, but Crosby hasn’t been creating the quality chances that he normally does and he certainly hasn’t been back-checking in a manner that customarily supplements his offensive game.”

This play at the end of the game (definition of clutch moment) makes the whole “What’s the matter with Sidney Crosby?” and “Sidney Crosby is injured” crowd look like fools.

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That’s three players going to Crosby. Three. If Stempniak scores, we’re all doing a circle jerk on Center Avenue wearing Crosby jerseys right now.

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This isn’t a personal attack on Dunlap. When a writer doesn’t watch a ton of hockey, you can’t fault him for having such an obtuse view on things. But this whole Crosby thing is a lesson in what happens when a player with a flawless record both on and off the ice has a rough patch. Critics and armchair coaches have been waiting a long time to jump on him, and they’re milking it for all its worth.

Some think Crosby is injured, but we don’t think he is. He’s going hard against top defensemen. He hasn’t been shying away from contact. He’s in a slump. It happens. Maybe he breaks out; maybe he doesn’t. People are rushing to find someone to blame after every game, and Crosby gets thrown in after every loss. After a win, no one’s talking about it.

Calling out Crosby right now? Laughable.

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