Six Players to watch at the trade deadline

We know about Ryan Kesler and the Penguins interest. Whether or not the Canucks will do it remains the question. The Penguins don’t have a ton of assets to work with, and lets face it there is a good chance they may not even make a deal.

But,  here are four other names floating around that spark some interest.

Ales Hemsky 

Ryan Wilson of hockey buzz has a good write up on Hemsky. Hemsky has has a terrible season, because he plays for the Oilers. Anywhere else and he is probably a top 30 NHL player. If the price tag, as some have reported, is a 3rd round pick, maybe the Pens would be interested. Doubtful though, Hemsky is a european, and skilled.

Mike Cammalleri

We’ve beat this drum since last year. Cammalleri gives some scoring to Crosby’s line. Big time playoff performer. Also, common link is Jacques Martin.

Dustin Byuglien

Big Buff’s name came up in guys that could be traded. Especially to Philly. Way too slow to play with the Pens, but something to think about nonetheless.

Matt Moulson

Buffalo is going to unload everyone at this point. Moulson probably can be had for the right price. He’s a top six guy, but he is also a pending UFA. And he probably won’t be a guy the Pens can re-sign.

Pipe Dreams

Marty St.Louis

Yea sorry, Marty St.Louis isn't going to be a Penguin. Move on from this. And that is a shame, because there is some value there. But…

He only wants to go to the Rangers.  St.Louis has another year at five-million. We suppose if the Penguins could make Kesler work, they could probably make St.Louis fit.

OLD Double J

While Double J is in the league, he will always be on a list like this for us. In a perfect world, Shero would make amends for not signing Jagr three seasons ago and trade for him. You could actually put Jagr out with just Brandon Sutter on the third line, and he would be better than Joe Vitale and Tanner Glass together.